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Image protection & monitoring with a single #hashtag

Use #cwprotect to copyright protect your images and know who is using them without your permission.

Set up in 5’ - Protect for Life!

Step 1

Create your SocialToro account.

Step 2

Connect your SocialToro account with your Instagram and Facebook accounts with a single click.

Step 3

Use #cwprotect when you post on social media.

Just use #cwprotect on every post.

So, what happens when I use #cwprotect?

Two things happen:

Copyright Registration on Blockchain.

We get the image(s) from your post and register its copyright in the blockchain. You receive your certificate of ownership in your email within 24 hours.

We look out for copycats. (if monitoring is activated)

Our monitoring mechanism scans the web to find exact duplicates AND plagiarism of your photos worldwide. If an infringement is found we notify you and help you take them down.


You ask, we respond

Having a question? Contact us and let's talk about it. Today.

Lituraly takes minutes. Create your account and connect your social media accounts with a single click. Then just use #cwprotect every time your post. You will automatically get your copyright registration in your email, and if you have activated monitoring you will receive notifications when we discover copycats.

Yes, we constantly searching the public web worldwide.

Our service is backed by CopyrightsWorld. The leading copyrght registration company and one of the few who has developed its own blockchain technology tailored for copyright registration. Also, our protection is based on the Berne convention who is signed by all countries in the world, so its valid worldwide.

Check out this cool monitoring example.

Source image
What we found

Simple pricing

You can start with just..

$4.99 / monthly

Set up your Toro in minutes and protect all your images using your social media accounts as usual. Just add #cwprotect to every post you want to protect.

You get:

Instagram integration

Facebook integration

Use #cwprotect to protect and monitor your images

Notifications for copycats

Easy setup, in minutes

World class customer support

30 Day Money Back

Hear from trusted clients

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